Hello and welcome to this website!


My name is Robert Holzapfel, I am a lecturer for Human Resource Management at the Munich university for applied sciences. Lecturing is something, that I always appreciated to do, it is great to work with students.


In my free time I became a passionate hobby programmer. Since summer 2013 I worked hard on learning and going deep into the development of apps for mobile devices of the Apple world (*).


And for some reasons it absolutely fascinates me.


It began with a lecture for students of business information technology at our university, when we were discussing about the fascination and motivation of programming computers. 


In the meanwhile there are some apps available in the AppStore of Apple and it became necessary to implement a website for information and support for the users. Thats the main purpose of this site.


Thanks for visiting my website.



(* APPLE, iPad, iPhone are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., Cupertino, California, USA.)