Travelors Wallet

You know that?


You go on a tour with some friends. One of your friends is paying the fuel for the car, the other is paying the tolls and maybe you pay the entrance fee for a national park and some snacks for your group. At the evening a big writing down begins, who has paid for what and how much, who should put some money on the table for whom to share all common expenses in a fair way.


That’s what exactly this app “Travelers Wallet” can do for you.


Record your group travels or events or tours, the participants and all the common expenses. Define how you share every single expense, equal shares for each or maybe individual shares.


Then just click on “Calculation” to have a detailed reporting, who paid for what and what are the final results in terms of, who gets money back and who has to put money on the table for whom. Of course you can create an email with an attached PDF for your friends with the whole calculation, thus everyone can retrace in detail and understand these results.


Enjoy the app and have nice tours with friends!


New features from Version 2.0:

  • Common cash wallet
  • 31 foreign currencies